Hardgainer Supplements:The Unconventional Guide

hardgainer supplements

In this unconventional guide to Hardgainer Supplements, we’ll take a brief look at the supplement industry as a whole before moving onto the top supplements that I recommend to help you build lean muscle without burning a hole in your pocket.

Every year millions are being made by the supplement industry that promotes harmful and sometimes dangerous substances.

Unfortunately, they do it on purpose to keep you wondering whether it’s more of supplement “a” or supplement “b” you need to FINALLY start seeing results.

Food supplements are big business and advertised as the missing ingredient for training success, it’s no wonder that so many trainees spend more time discussing supplements than what they do their own training programs.

You need to be very educated when it comes to bodybuilding supplements; the industry is famous for outrageous claims.

It’s difficult to get excited about hard work in the gym and following a healthful nutrition plan, but in the long run that is what is going to pay off, not having access to an army of supplements.

Now don’t get me wrong I`m not against all supplements, in fact prudent use of a few will help you once you have got the foundations in place – solid food nutrition.

Before we get to that though, let’s have a look at some things you should know before deciding to use supplements:

Most bodybuilding magazines are owned or controlled by the supplement industry

Supplements are not regulated by the government so they can practically put anything they want into their products

Some people who never use the products will promote them

Some people who use drugs and have never used the products claim to be an example of what supplement “x” can do for you

The benefits of supplements are often highly exaggerated

The “research” claims have never been proved

Supplements distract your attention from what really matters including dangerous and harmful products

Supplements won’t make a bad training program work

The worst part about it all is the bodybuilding magazines don’t exist to deliver sound training advice, they exist to sell supplements.

The guys using drugs promoting the use of supplements often say that supplement “x” was part of their bodybuilding success when in reality the whole story has been held back.

In some ways it’s in the best interests of the magazines that you FAIL with your training, that way this failure rate creates even more opportunity for the supplement hawkers to keep promoting their products.

The fact is there isn’t a lot of money to be made out of what really matters i.e. hard work and a sound nutritional regime, but supplements offer an opportunity for repeat sales. A barbell set will last a lifetime, but a tub of protein powder only a few weeks.

Do I Need Supplements?

The answer to this question is NO – you will not need ANY supplements to make excellent gains on ANY of the training programs that I promote. In fact I want you to try this experiment:

For the first few months of the Hardgainer Workout Routine explained HERE make sure you ELIMINATE the use of any supplements including protein powder, creatine etc.

Ensure you get at least 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight from WHOLE food sources. Keep track of all your nutrition in a purpose made diary or spreadsheet and at the end of the first month you’ll prove to yourself you don’t need any supplements to make fantastic gains.

The bottom line is if you’re not seeing the results you have hoped for it’s the basic combination of your training, nutrition and recovery that’s at fault, not because you’re lacking the use of supplements.

When To Use Supplements

Once you have gained at least TEN pounds of muscle on the above program without the use of supplements consider experimenting with prudent use of a few as advised below to perhaps speed up your rate of gain.

Remember though food is much more anabolic than supplements. You can think of supplements as the icing on the cake, they are there purely to give you a 5% edge. Never add supplements unless your nutrition is in good order first!